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Dr. Joy DeGruy

Renowned Author, Educator, Researcher, and Speaker

Be The Healing, Inc. Executive Director, Dr. Joy DeGruy, is a nationally and internationally renowned writer, speaker, and social scientist. Throughout her career, she has held numerous workshops and seminars and given lectures about her research focused on the intersection of racism, trauma, and American chattel slavery. Her book Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing interrogates the persistence of how that intersection pervades our daily lives. Dr. DeGruy travels the globe to share this message.


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What Others are Saying 


Ryan Eng

"Dr. Joy DeGruy is not only an internationally renowned researcher, educator, and author, but she is my mentor and friend. She is a luminary that radiates truth to power. Her commitment to healing generational trauma within the Black community inspires me daily and informs my work. She encourages us to search for a deeper understanding of ourselves and society at large. She is an advocate for healing and restorative care, and her work is the balm we all need. I stand in deep reverence and gratitude for her and her expertise today and every day."

Oge Egbuonu

Filmmaker, Artistic Director and Storyteller-in-Residence, UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry

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"Joy is a legend. Part educator, part healer, part activist, part spiritual guide, she is at the forefront of so many of the most important conversations our world needs to be having. Sending all my love and support for “Be The Healing."

Rainn Wilson

Award-Winning Actor, Comedian, Podcaster, Producer, Writer, Director and Author


"Dr. Joy Degruy, above all else, is a truthteller. In a world drowning in deadly falsehoods, her work is a lifeline, pulling us back to the shore of our spiritual nobility and our sacred responsibility for each other. A gifted storyteller, there is no one else who can break my heart and put the pieces back together again like she does. Her knowledge & wisdom are incomparable!"

Ruha Benjamin, Ph.D. 

Professor of African American Studies, Princeton University
Founding Director,
IDA B. WELLS Just Data lab

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