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The Be the Healing Staff


Dr. DeGruy is a nationally and internationally renowned researcher and educator. Her research focuses on the intersection of racism, trauma, violence and American chattel slavery. She has over thirty years of practical experience as a professional in the field of social work. She conducts workshops and trainings in the areas of Intergenerational/Historical trauma, mental health, social justice, improvement strategies and evidence-based model development. Dr. Joy’s seminars have been lauded as the most dynamic and inspirational currently being presented on the topics of culture, race relations and contemporary social issues.

Dr. Joy DeGruy
Executive Director

Iris Bell
Chief Operating Officer

Lani Farnsworth.png

Lani Farnsworth
Finance Manager

Carmen Mooody.png

Carmen Moody
Community Relations Director

Nadim Cross.png

Nadim Cross
Training Coordinator

Ebonee Bell.png

Ebonee Bell

Education Researcher

Ifanyi Bell.png

Ifanyi Bell
Media Specialist

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