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Healing begins by telling the truth.

We believe that "truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtues." The Be the Healing Movement aims at guiding us toward unlocking our own truths by critically evaluating history, medicine, science, education, etc. We share strategies for healing by encouraging participants to discover their own voices. 

Our Blueprint for Community Healing

This initiative is designed specifically to bring about racial equity and remedy the ills that have plagued North America and its institutions for centuries. Partners across North America are working together to integrate services that will be utilized as a mechanism for change at the individual, community and institutional levels. 


This innovative approach is a transformative model for community restoration, repair and healing; addressing the historical harm and trauma of racism and colonization.


The Be the Healing Movement is informed by the research of Dr. Joy DeGruy in her seminal book Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing


We aim to equip communities with strategies for healing and addressing racism.

The Components of Healing

Social-Emotional Development

Instilling positive self-concepts and self-awareness; healing from the effects of multigenerational trauma and preventing future traumas


Spiritual Health

Expanding our understanding of who we are as human/spiritual beings. Having an inner sense/consciousness of the intrinsic value of ourselves and our environment

Education & Knowledge

Promoting knowledge and understanding through independent investigation and the application of Truth and Justice

Restorative Justice

Encouraging cooperation through collaborative efforts aimed at reconciliation and repair. Promoting our collective well-being and commitments through trust, mutual support, truth-telling, justice and community sufficiency.

Mitigating the Impact of Trauma

  • Learning how to cope with and address trauma

  • Recognizing potential trauma and traumatic events

  • Shielding oneself and others from trauma

  • Assessing the positive and negative impacts of social media

  • Identifying and Moderating the negative aspects of social media

  • Creating tools that promote and emphasize cooperation and compassion over competition

Addressing the Mental, Emotional, Material and Physical Progress of Communities

  • Recognizing the vestiges of past historical trauma

  • Understanding the multi-generational aspects of trauma

  • The role of epigenetics in addressing trauma

  • Unpacking the impact of white supremacy and privilege

  • Addressing Anti-Blackness as a systemic and global problem

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