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What We're Currently Reading

My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies

By Resmaa Menakem

Published in 2017, Menakem's bestseller stays at the top of our reading (and rereading!) list. As foundational to the healing movement as Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, My Grandmother's Hands is essential to understanding damage caused by racism and white supremacy in America from the perspective of trauma and body-centered psychology.


Menakem, a somatic therapist, argues that racism is a form of trauma that is passed down through generations. He provides a framework for understanding how racism can affect the body, and offers exercises and practices for healing. The book is a potent exploration of the impact of racism on the human experience. A must read.

I Wish My Dad: The Power of Vulnerable Conversations Between Fathers and Sons

By Romal Tune with Jordan Tune

I Wish My Dad: The Power of Vulnerable Conversations Between Fathers and Sons is a book by Romal Tune and his son, Jordan. It is a collection of stories from men about their relationships with their fathers. The book explores the power of vulnerability and how it can help to heal the wounds of the past. It also offers practical advice for fathers and sons who want to have more meaningful conversations. A moving testament to the importance of fatherhood,  it is a must-read for fathers, sons, and anyone who cares about the power of relationships.

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Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto

By Tricia Heresey

Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto by Tricia Heresey is a book that explores the importance of rest and how it can be a form of resistance against capitalism and white supremacy. Heresey, a Black woman and ordained minister, argues that rest is not a luxury, but a necessity for our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. She provides a framework for understanding the importance of rest, and offers practical advice for how to incorporate more rest into our lives. The book is a powerful and timely call to action for all of us to resist the hustle and grind culture and reclaim our right to rest.

How the World is Passed: A Reckoning With the History of Slavery Across America

By Clint Smith

In How the Word is Passed: A Reckoning With the History of Slavery Across America, Clint Smith explores the legacy of slavery in America. Smith, a poet and essayist, travels to different parts of the country to visit sites that are connected to the history of Black enslavement. He talks to historians, educators, and ordinary people about how slavery has shaped the American landscape and continues to impact our lives today. Smith delivers a rigorous and compelling exploration of a necessary topic.

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Unearthing Joy: A Guide to Culturally and Historically Responsive Teaching and Learning 
By Gholdy Muhammad

K-12 educators have been anticipating this work since Muhammad blessed us with her groundbreaking book Cultivating Genius in 2020. Unearthing Joy offers a new framework for teaching and learning that is rooted in the cultural and historical realities of Black students. The book argues that joy is essential for learning and that teaching from a culturally and historically responsive perspective supports students to develop their identity, skills, intellect, criticality, and joy, what Muhammad describes as the five pursuits. The book provides model lessons and assessment tools that span subjects and grade levels. Unearthing Joy is an essential read for all educators who want to create classrooms where all students can thrive.

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Soul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution 
By Rainn Wilson

There is no doubt that Rainn Wilson’s latest book, Soul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution, is a life-changing work. Combining deep spiritual teachings, powerful personal stories, and practical tools for transformation, this book provides an invaluable resource for those looking to find meaning and purpose in life.


Wilson feels that, culturally, we’ve discounted spirituality—faith and the sacred—and we need profound healing and a unifying understanding of the world that the great spiritual traditions provide. In Soul Boom, he delves into how we can align ourselves with the universal law of resonance, as well as how we can come into alignment with our personal truths to cultivate an inner life.

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